J.D. Heinrich
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 141

Whispers. Whispers is what he hears. He knows the tales of what lurks in the darkness of the Grey Woods yet he must still search. Eyes are always on him and he knows it. They don't want him here, they don't want him to dig. After ten years Westley Harper has returned home to Bleak Falls to look into the recent disappearance of his sister Anna at the behest of her long time friend Jordan who believes the local police are trying to sweep the whole case under the rug. After a very sketchy run in with an antagonistic Sheriff who seams to distaste his very presence, Westley is now starting to believe her. With the whole town against him and seemingly looming threat in the darkness of the woods Westley must find a way to take them all on if he is to find her alive. The second installment of Heinrich's Dark Anthology is here...
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