Laikyn Meng
Publisher: The Orange 9 Publishing Company LLC (December 26, 2020)
Pages: 165

"Raw and emotional, not a story of glory. But of empathy for the breed that calls themselves mothers." ★★★★★A single mother's memoir, a story about starting over.Entries in the adventure of solo parenting. First heartbeats, and longing goodbyes.A personal journey of motherhood's beliefs to becoming one, Laikyn's experiences give light and comfort to the struggles that never seem to stop. From broken wrists, therapies, and the ultimate disaster of divorce. Being a single mother of 3 is exhausting, but her trio of heroes: Riddle, Wolfe, and little Lou, make it all worth the reward.Nobody wants to discuss setbacks, but we are tired of being silent, from holding our tongues. These are her chronicles of support, proven to connect with mothers in all stages of life. An awe-inspiring collection of downfalls and hopeful redemption.Laikyn Meng's True Love book compels the reader to confront ...
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