Anna Markland
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 255

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Anna MarklandIn the almost 150 years since 1066, the Montbryce family has established a powerful dynasty with extensive estates in England and Normandy. But change is in the wind. The French have ousted King John from Normandy by capturing Château Gaillard after a long siege. The duchy, independent since the time of Rollo, is now part of France. Becket de Montbryce is fated to be the first of his line to inherit the family’s lands and titles as a Frenchman. Ironically, he was in command of the Norman troops who fought alongside the French. A dangerous secret. Having escaped the besieged castle in the guise of a nun, Marguerite d’Aigremont must find a way to get back to her native England—without anyone discovering she is King John’s cousin. She despises the Normans who sided with their age-old enemy to bring about king John’s ouster as Duke of ...
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