Anya Mora
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 102

Nanny Bexley was a dream come true: an excellent resume and tons of energy.But just one week after she came into our lives, the dream turned into a nightmare. And there was no one I could trust.If I wanted to see my daughter again, I would need to step outside and find her myself.Welcome to Liar's Island... a stand-alone series of interconnected, novella length domestic thrillers set in the picture-perfect community of Liars Island. Here, nothing is quite as it seems.On this island, families and friendships are more than meets the eye ... secrets, deceptions, and jealousies threaten to ruin everything these influential people have built. But it isn't only the rich that live here ... and power comes in all shapes and sizes.Everyone here is a liar ... just how far would you go to get what you want?
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