Amanda Schwantes
Publisher: Hill Cottage Press
Pages: 190

Welcome to the Happy Endings Apothecary, where wishes come true, true love is just around the corner, and pigs fly...In a fantastic bookstore full of happily ever afters, brothers Griffin and Blake found refuge from a troubled childhood. Now all grown up and fighting raging wildfires in Southern California, a tragic accident threatens to tear them apart even as it leads them back to the small Midwestern village of Pine Mountain.Millie founded the Happy Endings Apothecary during a time when she desperately needed to believe in life’s possibilities. What she hadn’t anticipated, however, was how much her bookshop would come to mean to the people of Pine Mountain, Wisconsin. When Blake and Griffin return, once again in need of her wisdom, an aging Millie does her best to help them heal and bring them back together, even as she comes to terms with her own losses.Fortunately, none of them ...
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