Juliette N. Banks
ASIN: B08V1Z13Q4
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 150

The sexy and magnetic vampire prince, Brayden Moretti, travels with the king and queen to Whitby, on the Yorkshire coast in 1891, where they're confronted by the rebels of the race. He's eager to return home to Castle Moretti where the season is kicking off, and females line up to attend one of his infamous orgies, while his brother Vincent - heir to the throne - broods over a respected female of the court, Kate, who is running out of patience with the overprotective vampire. When Roberto Russo, head of the rebellion, throws down an official challenge for the throne, King Francis is unconcerned. He knows his royal blood holds a potency that has remained a closely held family secret. What he's more concerned about is the promise he made to his queen a thousand years ago, after he turned her vampire.Can he follow through? It's a decision that has repercussions for his unsuspecting sons ...
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