Kimberly Marraffino
Publisher: Kimberly Marraffino
Pages: 193

**TRAVEL TO A MAGICAL REALM HIDDEN WITHIN OUR OWN WORLD**James and Rhiannon both yearn for something more—a missing piece of themselves—but never found a way to fill the void, until now. After James discovers a secret about his past, and Rhiannon finds out the truth about her missing memories, they both dig deeper into the mysteries surrounding their own lives to uncover something more than they ever expected.Their worlds collide after they are pulled into a world of magic and learn they are part of a centuries-old prophecy. Destined to possess powers unlike any other, they must take a journey to find each other, all the while discovering the truth about their lives, where they come from, and how magic is real—and alive.Follow the story of James Cassil and Rhiannon Llewellyn as they embrace their destiny and travel to Kiluemar—a magical realm hidden within our own world—to help save ...
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