Emma St. Clair
Publisher: unknown
Pages: N/A

People who say keep your enemies closer never took a road trip with a guy who hated their guts.A month ago, my identity as Dr. Love was a secret. A month ago, I thought I was getting engaged.A month ago, I wasn’t stuck with the guy who hates me most in the world.Now… if I don’t make nice with my #1 hater, I might lose my book deal.Without that, I’m not sure what I have left.But when I’m forced on a publicity tour with everyone’s favorite guy, the guy who says I ruined his relationship, I didn’t know how low I could go.At every stop, I get roasted and he gets more revered.You would think after a while, I would hate him too.And you would be very, very wrong...Falling for Your Enemy is a laugh-out-loud, heartwarming romcom with an epic road trip, a grumpy hero, and a happy ending to end all happy endings for this five-book series.
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