Juliette N. Banks
Publisher: Juliette N. Banks (March 25, 2021)
Pages: 357

Can the reluctant heir protect the throne and win his mate's heart before it’s too late?Powerful billionaire and vampire prince Brayden Moretti doesn’t want to be king. Besieged by hostile rebel vampires threatening to take the throne and distraught over his deathly ill brother, Brayden uncharacteristically wants nothing to do with any females.When he meets Willow, a gorgeous, sassy human, Brayden decides he's found a vixen to distract him. But a moment of pleasure turns more serious, when he realizes Willow is his mate, and what that means to the survival of his very soul.Done with relationships, Willow is focused on her career when her path crosses Brayden's. Sparks, too intense to ignore, ignite and they spend a steamy week together. When she discovers who and what he is, she has a big decision to make that could end her life as she knows it.Will she choose her humanity, destroying ...
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4.5 stars from 302 ratings
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