Tobias Wade
ASIN: B0917PM2Q9
Publisher: Haunted House Publishing
Pages: 331

My self-help tape told me to kill myself. It was the best advice I've ever received. My reflection smiles more than I do, but maybe his world is better than mine.  It wasn't a hit and run murder. I reversed too. Your dead dog might not do tricks, but I'm teaching mine to speak. My soul is in a paper lantern. My life hasn't been the same since it sailed away. Over 50 unique and chilling horror stories include haunted houses, gothic Hellscapes, murderous psychopaths, human experiments, alien abductions, alternate dimensions, mind-warping drugs, terrifying paranormal encounters, and so much more.What are you afraid of?    Look at the cover and click 'Look Inside' to read the first story for free. Grab SLEEPLESS NIGHTS now and stay awake all night with the lights on. ★★★★★ "I loved being freaked out of my mind."★★★★★ "Enjoyable in that spine-tingling kind of way."★★★★★ "Every last story in ...
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