Scarlet Young
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 38

Even in the light of day, the darkest hour approaches...While a treaty remains in place between Werewolves and those who hunt them, their Alpha knows little peace. The tides are shifting--the shadows growing--and upon the edge of a knife, the threat of war looms. Niko, leader and protector of the New Bern pack, stands alone between two opposing worlds and the dark forces that threaten to destroy them. After a heinous crime is committed, Niko struggles to clear the name of his kin when wrongful accusations begin to fly. Suddenly tensions between hunters and Werewolves are boiling once more, and an already fragile relationship now smolders once again with the rising heat of hatred. Left vulnerable by the distrust between the two clans, Niko finds himself in the crosshairs of a formidable foe. With his claim to the throne now threatened from within, and his love life also spinning out of ...
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