Wayne Mangalsingh
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 204

Thirty-seven years later. Eliza- born in the villages, now a demonically seductive temptress with a split personality disorder, a drug lord of the Northern part of the Island and her twins… her enforcers, Billy and Zack- handsome ruthless killers. Just as cunning, and lethal as their mother. Kahill, a corrupted Government minister. A drug dealing, gambling Machiavellian narcissist who’s willing to kidnap his seventeen-year-old daughter, Lydia, to clear off some of his debts. Mariam, his wife and a woman scorned who for years has suffered abuse at his hands, and who finally gets her revenge when she meets Sam, her soulmate.Lucian St. Rose, an obese Courvoisier guzzling Mugabe look-alike, head of National Security who operates on the land, sea and in the air. Just as corrupted and determined to rule over this Empire of filth.Then there’s Jop, a descendant of the forest-dwelling Elders ...
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