Melissa Roush
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 230

Lexi Connor knows what it’s like to live in fear, she’s been doing it for years. Now she finds herself on the run with her young daughter after surviving an attack at the hands of her ex-husband, Marc. After putting over a thousand miles between them Lexi finds herself in Moonlight Cove, Maine. This is where her life will change, at least that’s what she hopes for. As she becomes friends with Caty Travis and her brother Jake, Lexi realizes that this place is home now, she and her daughter are finally happy. When she finds herself drawing closer to Jake she wonders if a new relationship is even possible with a past like hers, Marc has never been caught. Leaving a constant fear that he will resurface. A fear that causes Lexi to question everything, even love. Can Jake make her see how a relationship should really be? Or will her scars, both the visible and the unseen cause her to flee ...
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