Karri Roberts
Publisher: Wicked Tales Press
Pages: 186

Discovering I was a witch was my new beginning…being locked away for it may be my end. Will my father’s lies cost me my life?Imprisoned for the ultimate crime, use of forbidden magic, should earn me some respect at Spellbound Prison, but when I refuse to join the Blood Coven no amount of street cred can save me from their wrath. Their reach extends far past the inmates, possibly all the way to the Warden himself.I don’t stand a chance alone, but trusting people is not my strong suite at the moment.Discovering my true heritage brings dangers of its own…My powers can no longer be contained with binding spells. I can’t control them and my enemies know more about my magic than I do.Could the family pendant that hangs from my neck be the key to everything?Learning to control my powers will take some getting used to. Being imprisoned with the worst criminals in the magical community will take ...
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