Sharan Daire
ASIN: B0976F9385
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 180

From homeless single mom broke down on the side of an icy road... to living in a mansion with four gorgeous men.Not only have the Blakely Four Brothers taken me and my kids in, but they've also given me a dream-come-true job as an exclusive model for their new fashion line. I have a magnificent roof over my head. My kids are happy, fed, and safe. I have four incredible men in my bed. Plus a fantastic, glamorous new job making more money than I ever dreamed possible.But we messed up, and this beautiful dream may come crashing down. After a glorious tub scene with the alpha Marine, I could be pregnant. I may not be broke-down Shelby any longer, but having a baby with four men that I've known a week is way too over the top. Even for me.
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