Glen Robins
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 322

Some choices change an individual.Some choices save lives.Some choices change the course of history.JT Noh, a Korean-born martial arts instructor with a complicated past, is faced with what seemed to be a simple choice, not knowing where it would lead him nor the impact it would have on the world.JT follows his gut instinct and gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. At first, he is the only suspect in an evolving terror plot. In the end, he is the only hope against disaster.As events unfold, the choices JT makes cascade from minor to monumental. The more he learns about the diabolical scheme he unwittingly uncovered, the more he realizes world peace hangs in the balance.With tensions escalating between the United States and North Korea, JT’s unique skills and experience are called upon to thwart catastrophe and avert world war. JT is thrust into a race against the clock with ...
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