Amelia Rose
Publisher: Beldene Publishing
Pages: 216

If you’re not willing to take a chance, you’ll never know what could have been.After losing his wife to a horrific forest fire, Landen Clayborn is looking to start over.So, when the mayor of Daisy Creek offers him the chance to start up a new restaurant in town, Landen is eager to accept.With sorrow behind him and his restaurant beginning to flourish, Landen is moving forward -- and any ideas of love and remarrying are the furthest things from his mind.But then the lovely Clary Rittenhouse blows into his life like a sweet Nebraska breeze, and Landen finds himself drawn to her despite all else.In Clary, Landen sees his chance to love again. But Clary’s father is a hard, cruel man, who doesn’t approve of Landen, and expects his daughter to marry a man twice her age for financial gain.Living under her father’s tyranny, Clary is caught between her deepening feelings for Daisy Creek’s new ...
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