Dominic Milne
Publisher: unknown
Pages: N/A

DS Eddie Kane goes undercover within the nefarious world of dogfighting… His work leads him to a Turkish mob boss currently being targeted by the drug squad… A vicious turf war is threatening to break out in north London’s gangland… An investigation into Eddie’s past is ongoing, as are his own nightmares…In ‘The Private Hell Of Eddie Kane’, the past and present threaten to collide once more for the maverick detective. An undercover operation forces him to leave his Hackney home, as the special crimes squad encourage him forge links with the Turkish mafia, as well as the north London’s brutal dogfighting racket. While an internal investigation refuses to leave him alone, the danger surrounding the rogue DS increases. This is one operation that will push Eddie to the limits of his own morality and leaves him more isolated than ever, despite the reappearance of an old friend in need. In ...
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