Alexander Plansky
Publisher: Meq Media
Pages: 336

A psychopathic hacker and a technophobic FBI agent must team up to solve a high-profile murder committed with an autonomous car in this provocative tech-noir thriller.On a coastal highway in California, a self-driving SUV crashes and kills its lone occupant: the CEO of Asimov Automotive, one of the most prominent driverless vehicle manufacturers in the world. Suspecting foul play, the board of directors brings in whitehat hacker Isabella Cray to assist the investigation.Cray is a high-functioning psychopath, using her calm, detached nature to solve problems while restraining her darkest impulses. But when someone wants her out of the picture, Cray finds herself in a game of life and death where the stakes are no less than the future of transportation.With the clock running out, she and tech-wary FBI cybercrime agent Will Fraser enter a headlong chase across the San Francisco Bay Area—to ...
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