Anchors Lovegood
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 271

The awesome combination of steampunk, intergalactic fantasy and exciting adventure; Dangerous romance, transcendent love and more ......Seventeen-year-old Kacia Lin, a school journalist always willing to stand up for others, is tragically killed just before she is about to reveal a school bullying incident. When she opens her eyes, she thinks she has arrived in paradise, but instead she is reborn on an alien planet beyond her imagination and becomes the new governor of Gaius Star!The universe is vast and mysterious, and the new and strange world brings Kacia endless surprises; on the other hand, the ambitious mastermind behind the assassination of the former governor may be lurking around her. When trapped in the fog of not being able to trust anyone, when life and death crises come one after another, Kacia has to force herself to grow up faster, because behind her is a planet that she ...
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