J.G. Shull
Publisher: J.G. Shull
Pages: 201

WINNER of the 2019 "Multicultural" American Fiction Award. Transplants weaves together the lives of two modern-day Americans, Charlotte and Theo, who are suffocating in their Georgia town, so they escape—one to Italy, the other to Paraguay. Their ensuing joys and disasters...divorce, being shot, attacked by jaguars, a miscarriage, parasitic disease...are shaped by the enchanting people they meet as well as a history of transplants in these countries. Germans transplanted to Paraguay after WWII, California rootstock was transplanted to save the rotting European vineyards in 1890, and Theo eventually learns he needs a very real heart transplant. Charlotte and Theo are immigrants, hoping to build lives in foreign countries. A vivid story of how the underbelly and history of romantic places are woven into the lives of those who come to call them home. Book club discussions of Transplants ...
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