Green Witch
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 435

Are you looking for some natural ways to increase your longevity and quality of life?Maybe you have some skin or other similar external body issues that you need help with or you feel intoxicated by all the medicines that are recommended to treat anything?Are you ready for encountering the world's most effective form of medicine, becoming a skilled herbalist and building your first home-based herb lab?Long before Europeans arrived in America, generations of Native American’s learned the secrets of natural healing and were able to use the power of plants to maintain good health, create explosive levels of energy, and live more than 120 years.Best-selling author and herbalist master, the Green Witch decided on the day of her 100th birthday to enclose in this collection of 9 books all her knowledge about healing herbs and her secret elixirs of long life.The Green Witch was born in 1921 in ...
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