Arabella Kingsley
Publisher: Lost Girl Publishing
Pages: 22

I had no choice but to kidnap her. I am the only one who can keep her safe. It is a matter of my Russian Mafia's family honour. It was the only way to keep her safe from the Russian Mafia family who stalk her and to stop her father causing a war between the others and my own. Now I have the perfect chance to make her realise she belongs to me and no one else will be allowed to take her or I will start a war of my own.The Russian Mafia Boss’s son reached down into the boot of the car and took hold of seventeen-year-old Harper’s tied body by the shoulders and pulled her up to kneeling. He swept his hands through her mid length bob and pulled tightly, forcing her head back.“Now, Cyka, are you going to behave or do I have to spank you like a child to keep you in line,” he asked her huskily, secretly hoping she would act up and give him the excuse he was looking for to do it. He’d been ...
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