Emily Honeyfield
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 421

The alluring Lady Eliza Beaumont is unconventional, never wants to marry, and spurns all other aspects of high society as well. Her dream is to practice her herbal medicine in order to help those in need. While Eliza is trying to relieve the tempting war veteran’s pain from an old leg wound, she will slowly find herself too weak to ease the flame of desire that will start burning her heart. Will Eliza dare to taste the forbidden fruit of lust? The brooding fisherman James Russell is a completely changed man, after everything he has seen during the last Napoleonic war. Therefore, when he meets the spirited, unconventional Lady Eliza, who so inexplicably wants to help him, he doesn’t trust her at all... Yet, the scandalous young Lady will soon win his trust, leaving him unable to tame his forbidden feelings for her. If only James’ flaming romance could heal his troubled heart… Even though ...
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5 stars from 13 ratings
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