Toni Cabell
Publisher: Endwood Press LLC
Pages: 298

A dark fay uprising. A dashing fay wizard. And a growing anti-magic movement. Mara’s blades aren’t sharp enough to cut through this tangled web. By day, Mara runs a clockwork toyshop. By night, she spies for the resistance. The last thing Mara needs is a ridiculously handsome fay to train in customer service and spy craft.Arnesto is persistent, bedazzling, and a twelfth-level fay wizard. He also casts spells in all the wrong places, talks more than he listens, and manages to get himself arrested. Mara plans to send the incompetent fay packing if he makes one more mistake.But Mara and Arnesto must team up when a fresh threat imperils both the human and fay realms. Are swords, magic, and a scrap of prophecy enough to save the kingdom?
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