Adara Wolf
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 270

The only good thing in Jay's life is pain. He seeks it out, he craves it. Mixing pain and pleasure? All the better. Physical pain helps him ignore the mess that is the rest of his life: a shit job, an abusive father, and a mother who isn't all there. He can coast through life as long as he's got pain.That's what makes Takuya perfect for him: violent and dangerous, Takuya only cares about furthering his yakuza group's goals. Too bad Jay doesn't do repeats. Too bad Jay has no interest in tying himself to anybody.But stubbornly clinging to his independence doesn't make Jay's life any easier. As things spiral out of control, the only one who could possibly save him might possibly be more dangerous than what Jay is running from.Note: This book contains dark themes with potentially triggering topics, including child abuse/CSA and self-harm. Read at your own discretion. Full content notes can ...
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