Anonymous Author
Publisher: Thor's Stone Press
Pages: 156

The Saga of Hrolf Gautreksson is a direct sequel to The Saga of King Gautrek, and opens with the hero of the previous saga in old age, embarking a little unwillingly on a quest for a second wife. The fruits of the ensuing marriage are two sons, Ketil Mite, and his younger, but bigger and more able brother Hrolf, who succeeds his father as king, and is, as the saga informs us more than once, superior to other kings in the Northlands. In a rather defensive, surly epilogue, the author accepts that this is the first time the saga has been written down, but suggests a respectable pedigree with the assertion that the story has been told by many storytellers in the past, and this claim is in fact backed up by the Eddic poem The Lay of Hyndla, where characters from the saga, including Thorir Iron Shield, are mentioned as huscarls of one Hrolf the Old.The main themes of The Saga of Hrolf ...
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