Adam Kanofski
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 109

"I'm so happy Poppy. I'm so, so, so happy!" Jimmy said as he launched the first ball of scrunched bread into the pond. It hit the water with a splash. They were, as far as Grandpa could see anyway, the only two in the park. "I'm happy too Jimmy," Grandpa said, pointing out a large water fowl that'd appeared from behind the shoreline scrub. It cruised on out to the middle and, with a single gulp downed the bread. "Look Poppy! Look! It's a black swan!" "I know it is Jimmy. I know."Jimmy, thrilled by the majestic bird's sudden entry had never seen one outside of a book. Doing what little boys would do Jimmy launched yet another ball of scrunched bread into the wild blue. "And look boy-o. Here comes..." cruising out the thicket from the other side of the pond yet "...another black swan." "Yaaaay!" little Jimmy shrieked with joy. "I'm so happy again Poppy. Two times. This is the happiest day ...
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