Jeff Carson
Publisher: Cross Atlantic Publishing
Pages: 300

In the brand-new thrilling mystery from a #1 Amazon and International Bestselling author, Detective David Wolf is pulled to a high plateau in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, and to a murder case that will test every ounce of his character.When a sheriff’s son is found dead in a neighboring county to the south, clues show foul-play. Led by the same sheriff now doubling as a father hell-bent on vengeance, the investigation turns violent, pushing the local district attorney north to Rocky Points for help. They need somebody with an outside perspective to lead the investigation, and Chief Detective David Wolf is just their man.Wolf has no pending investigations and there’s a fellow man in law enforcement in need, so he has little reason to say no and every reason to say yes. However, it’s not the sheriff who’s asking for help. And as it turns out Wolf has a history on the football field ...
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