C.O. Amal
Publisher: C.O. Amal
Pages: 61

One day, they just stat raining from the heavens, in flying saucers. They are like ants; if we kill one, hundred shall take its place. They invade one planet after another, like space vikings, but for flesh. They have an unquenchable hunger for flesh, especially for human flesh.This time, the invasion is on planet Earth, our mother planet, our home. Like on all other planets, we haven’t been expecting them. They attacked when our guard is down. First, they destroyed any type of defense we have, making us vulnerable. Once we are totally vulnerable, they started catching all of us, to kill us, to preserve our flesh for the foreseeable future.Only a handful of survivors stand in their way. We all should stand united, or we can all fall together like on numerous other planets.We have one advantage over them – we are fighting for an entire planet, but they are fighting for only ...
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