Lexi Murphy
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 123

After all of Planet Mystery puts an end to its biggest war, the Great Species War, both Lexi and Cynder, the two once-inseparable princesses, are born to be mascots of peace. All while the world around them tries to live in peace and harmony together, uniting as one big species of the planet. However, when a family relative stirs up some trouble, darkness ensues, destroying anything its way slowly. With all the pain that both princesses endure, both Cynder and Lexi try to survive against impending future of doom that is to come. From betrayals, heartaches, and the struggle for control, parts of the planet begin to divide further than before. Including, the living beings, who she once use to call family of her own. Will peace finally come? Or is the ensuing darkness to remain as the future comes.
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