Stephen McGrann
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 127

A Father's Dream: Bill Butterfield had seemed destined to make it as a professional footballer, but fate had different ideas. When his son Lance shows the same promise which he had years earlier, Bill is determined that his son will succeed where he failed...with fatal consequences. The McFraud: Jerome is trusted by his employers to run a promotional scheme for McDonald's. But he discovers an easy way to make millions for himself. An almost unbelievable tale of greed and betrayal which is soon to be made into a major motion picture. Beverly McGowan: a woman writes to her family to bid them farewell. Bev suddenly leaving her family for good didn't make any sense. Little did her family know that they were being played by one of the most notorious conmen in history. Russell Martin: Russell was known to up sticks and leave town for weeks at a time. But on this occasion his sister is ...
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