Stephen McGrann
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 128

Muriel McKay: when the wife of a high-flying tabloid executive is kidnapped for ransom, it's a race against time to get her back home again. A Mother's Love: little Gypsy Rose was a desperately sick child. Her mother Dee Dee had to care for her around the clock, and relied upon charity to provide for her daughter. When Dee Dee is found brutally murdered and Gypsy goes missing at the same time, Detectives discover a shocking secret that seems too bizarre to be true. The McFraud: Jerome is trusted by his employers to run a promotional scheme for McDonald's. But he discovers an easy way to make millions for himself. An almost unbelievable tale of greed and betrayal which is soon to be made into a major motion picture.Mia Zapata: a young woman and her band seem destined to make it to the very top, until their lead singer is found brutally murdered.A Coincidence Too Far: when police are ...
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