Sarah Cullen
Publisher: Majestic Whale Encounters
Pages: 32

When this mermaid finds herself in a scary situation, will she find her courage within? Lola the mermaid seems so brave and courageous... but she was not always that way. She used to feel timid and out of place, so her dad gave her a special gift, a bracelet of courage.One day whilst out on an adventure, Lola loses her bracelet and as the tides start to turn, she must find a new way home. Without her bracelet, she feels scared and lonely but with the help of a wise dolphin, some friendly sea urchins and beautiful jellyfish, Lola finds her strength within. Lola, The Bracelet of Courage is a heartwarming children’s picture book written in lyrical rhyme that shares a great message about courage and resilience.
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