Lisa Lang Blakeney
Publisher: Writergirl Press
Pages: N/A

USA Today Bestselling Author, Lisa Lang Blakeney, returns with a scorching hot spin-off series featuring the next generation of Masterson bad boys and the women who can't resist them.All I've ever done is protect her, but she can never be mine…My name is Knox Masterson, and I’m not a good man.I fight too much.Play too hard.And that life has been fine by me.But when there's a threat made against my family,they all become concerned about her.The girl who's always been off limits.The daughter of my father's best friend.And the one woman who could send me to my knees,if she only realized the power she possesses.I want to be the good son.The one my folks can depend on.But when they ask me to keep Gigi safe,all bets are off.I ain’t doing that again.Been there, done that.Because the two of us might kill each other,or do something even more frightening.Fall hard for each other.Yet once I lay ...
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